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Contact our Development Office for more information:
Kathleen Britt
Development Director

EITC — a Government Tax Credit Program, for Scholarships

If you have, or are part of, a business that pays Pennsylvania state income tax you may be eligible for the Education Income Tax Credit. This programs gives up to a 90% tax credit (up to $300,000) for a donation to a scholarship program. Visitation uses BLOCS to administer this program for them, and has set a goal of $200,000 in designated EITC and OSTC donations. You can learn more at

Friends of Visitation Scholarship Fund

Donations can be made that are specifically targeted for scholarships. Visitation has a goal of $75,000 in direct scholarship donations for each school year. There are two ways to give to this fund, which is very important to our school.
1 Adopt-A-Student is a $3,200 commitment that covers the entire cost of tuition, or a $1,600 commitment that covers half the tuition for one year. In an effort to create a feeling of accountability, all parents are required to pay at least a small amount per child, therefore the difference of your donation will for fund other programming and students within the school.
2 A General Scholarship Donation can be made at any time to go into a pool of money available that all families are eligible for.

Beacon Fund — for our Operational Costs

This fund helps us offset the operational costs of our facilities and classes, and pay for needed capital repairs or upgrades. Our school has been standing since 1883, after all! We have set a goal of $125,000 a year for this fund.

Visitation Future Fund — for our Endowment

In order to ensure the financial health of Visitation , we have started an endowment that can be used to cover shortfalls in any area. The goal for this endowment is $4 million, and we are seeking gifts of at least $15,000. Please contact us if you are interested in donating to this fund, and/or to discuss estate planning.

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